What to Expect From an Immigration Attorney Consultation
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What to Expect From an Immigration Attorney Consultation

An immigration attorney consultation gives you the chance to sit down and talk with a qualified lawyer specializing in your specific type of case. The goal of this meeting is to get answers and reassurance.

During your appointment, the attorney will ask you some basic questions to understand how complex or simple your case may be. The attorney will also want to know what you are trying to achieve, whether it is to avoid deportation, sponsor a family member, obtain a work visa, or something else entirely. It is important to be honest and open during this conversation, so the attorney can give you an accurate assessment of your case.

Navigating Immigration Laws: Why You Need an Attorney Consultation

The attorney will also want to know your entire immigration history. This includes how you entered the United States if you have ever been in removal proceedings, and if you have any pending applications or upcoming court dates. You should bring as many documents as you can to the consultation, including entry stamps, receipts, notices, orders, and decisions.

Once the attorney is familiar with your case, she will tell you her professional opinion of how to proceed and possible outcomes that could result from the legal actions that you are taking. The attorney will also discuss your options and costs based on her experience and current laws.

If you disagree with a decision made by an immigration judge or other government official, the attorney can also help you appeal the unfavorable decision. This is a service that can greatly improve your chances of having your case reversed or successfully resolved.

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