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Questions on use of Telenor tower in Myanmar

Communication sent to Telenor on 4th December 2018 Dear Mr Brekke, I’m writing on behalf of the #WeAreAllRohingyaNow campaign to express our grave concerns about the alleged use by snipers of a Telenor mobile phone tower in Rakhine state to shoot fleeing Rohingya, as stated in the recently published report ‘The Killing Fields of Alethankyaw‘. […]

Twitter @Jack visits Myanmar ignoring Rohingya Genocide

Open Letter to Digi

Open Letter to Telenor Investment Advisers

Unilever, Myanmar and the Rohingya Genocide



Please sign our petition calling on multinational corporations that are investing in Myanmar to condemn the ethnic cleansing of the Rohingya and to commit to their protection: Please also share the petition on social media and email it to your friends. The Rohingya need every voice they can get. This is not just  a […]


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Jack, Twitter and the word “Rohingya”

When Jack Dorsey tweeted about his birthday retreat, recommending we take a meditation holiday in Myanmar, it is hard to imagine what a slap in the face that must have felt like to the Rohingya. As a human rights activist campaigning for the Rohingya over Twitter for much of the past 6 years, I was […]

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Does Nestlé care? Consumers want to know

Nestle says, “The impact that we have locally has the potential to be felt internationally; the ideas that you bring to life today could shape our future”.  I couldn’t agree more.  The impact Nestle has internationally can also, of course, be felt locally. Nearly half the entire Rohingya population in Rakhine state has been either […]

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The necessity of the moral corporate voice

From a Public Relations perspective, I can’t think of an easier way for a company to show its humanity than by condemning genocide and endorsing recommendations for a peaceful resolution in Myanmar. The United Nations, the official body representing international consensus has already characterised the situation in Rakhine state as a “textbook example of ethnic […]

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Teach a man to fish, then kill him

Something to consider… Oil and gas companies are increasingly interested in exploration off the coast of Rakhine state. Companies like Woodside Energy, Shell, Total, and Chevron are already operating several fields offshore, and are confident that more discoveries are likely following the biggest natural gas discovery of 2016 off the coast of Rakhine. These operations, and the […]

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The role of history in the Rohingya genocide

What this article provide you with: A very good historical background on the ethnic and religious enmities in Myanmar What this article does not do: Refute the argument that economic interests are driving the ethnic cleansing in Rakhine state. There is nothing reductionist about explaining the conflict in terms of economics. If you think it IS reductionist, […]