This is a campaign to protect and win back the rights of the Rohingya people in Myanmar, who have been suffering extreme persecution and ethnic cleansing by the Myanmar military over decades. We believe targeted action is urgently needed if we are to halt the genocide that is currently taking place.


We are now hundreds of people registered for action from many countries around the world, led by a focus group of activists,  including UK based Jamila Hanan who has been campaigning for the Rohingya since 2012. We formed out of a grassroots movement, without any funding, entirely dependent on the hard work of volunteers to manage this campaign. We hope you will join us.

Read about our team members here.


Our ultimate objective is to restore to the Rohingya people in Myanmar their citizenship, which was stolen from them by the military regime in 1982. We also wish to reverse the damage caused by an 11 point ‘Rohingya Extermination Blueprint’ that was adopted in 1988. But first we have to stop the genocide that is currently taking place as ‘Clearance Operations’ are conducted by the Myanmar military.


We will be reaching out to multinational corporations investing in Myanmar to encourage them to publicly condemn the persecution of the Rohingya, and to act in support of Rohingya rights. We believe silence in the face of genocide is complicity.

Please register for action alerts for this campaign: invitations we send out via Twitter message or email, with simple steps to follow, to join us in actions,  in your own spare time. The link to register is here: bit.do/rohingyaregister.

We are now over 600 people strong, but if every new person that registers encourages just 2 of their friends to join us, we will keep on growing and be even more powerful in our actions. Please post the above video and link to your social media and ask your friends to join the #WeAreAllRohingyaNow campaign.

Please also sign our petition and share it to social media:


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