The Tesla 2023 Model X Review
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The Tesla 2023 Model X Review

The tesla 2023 model x is the latest version of tesla’s popular luxury electric SUV. It uses two electric motors to provide all-wheel drive and 670 horsepower. That power is sent to the road through a single-speed transmission that can spin all four wheels when necessary. The EPA estimates that the regular Model X can cover 348 miles between fill-ups, besting rivals like the Audi Q8 e-tron and Mercedes EQS. If you opt for the more powerful Plaid model, its range drops to 311 miles. You can recharge the battery at home using a standard wall connector or 240-volt setup, or use Tesla’s global network of fast-charging stations when you travel.

If you choose the Enhanced Autopilot option, the Model X will take over most driving tasks while you relax or get some work done. The system can steer, accelerate and brake automatically, though it doesn’t currently offer the same hands-free driving capabilities as full self-driving mode. The Model X also comes with a panoramic windshield, a retractable rear hatch and a second-row bench seat that can be replaced with captain’s chairs to increase seating capacity to seven people.

Tesla 2023 Model X: Features and Specifications

Even with its high price, there’s no other luxury EV that can match the Model X for its combination of performance, practicality and cutting-edge features. And thanks to the company’s wide-spread charging station network, the Model X eliminates some of the range anxiety, planning stress and payment hassles that many other BEV drivers have to deal with.

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