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SC Builder License Lookup

When you are looking for a contractor in sc builder license lookup you should always check that they are licensed. It is easy to do with the sc builder license lookup tool available on the sc labor, licensing and regulation (LLR) website. This tool will allow you to see if the home builder you are considering is licensed and what type of license they have.

How do I verify a contractor’s license in SC?

There are three types of licenses and registrations in South Carolina: a residential home builder, a manufactured housing contractor and a specialty contractor. A licensed home builder can perform work that includes all trades related to the construction, renovation, or repair of one- and two-family residential structures up to three stories in height or with 16 units in a single apartment building.

The applicant must submit a notarized affidavit of eligibility, evidence of passing the business and law exams, and proof of work experience. Applicants must also complete the applicable financial forms and purchase and file a $15,000 residential builder/certificate of authorization bond.

A home builder license is valid for two years and can be renewed online every other year. Specialty contractor licenses are valid for two years and can be renewed online as well.

When hiring contractors, it is important to take your time and carefully select a licensed, bonded and insured company. You should never pay money upfront, and make sure you have receipts of all payments made. In addition, be cautious of any contractors who encourage you to spend a lot of money on temporary repairs that may not meet minimum building codes.

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