Legionnaires Risk Assessment
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Legionnaires Risk Assessment

Legionnaires disease is a severe and potentially fatal respiratory illness caused by the inhalation of small droplets of water containing legionella bacteria. It is particularly dangerous for certain at-risk groups including those suffering from chronic diseases, diabetics and those with weakened immune systems. A legionnaires risk assessment should be conducted by all landlords, building managers and employers.

If you have a simple residential property with a single water system it may be possible for you to conduct the LRA yourself, however, if you are responsible for a larger building or more complex system we recommend that you book a professional Legionella inspection. Our experienced assessor will visit your premises and inspect the water system, checking for; temperature of each outlet, dead legs (lack of water flow) and more. We will then provide you with a comprehensive report including; site survey data, an asset register, observations with photographic evidence, a property risk rating, recommendations to reduce the risk of the water system, a schematic drawing of the water system and a monitoring regime.

Assessing Legionnaires Risk: The Role of Legionella Risk Assessment

Health and safety law requires a legionella risk assessment to be carried out before any buildings that are open to the public or used as places of work such as hotels, schools, leisure centers, shops, and more are rented out. The legionella risk assessment should be conducted by a qualified and experienced professional who knows the relevant HSE regulations as well as training and qualifications in Legionella control.

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