Intelligent Merchandising for Ecommerce Retailers
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Intelligent Merchandising for Ecommerce Retailers

Today’s astute shoppers are armed with information from many different sources, and are able to easily make educated comparisons. As a result, they expect sophisticated, personalized digital merchandising to help them find what they are looking for online.

With AI-powered Smart Merchandising, retailers can offer personalized recommendations to every shopper, no matter where they are on the website. The technology automatically takes size, style and category preferences into account to display a tailored selection of products. This removes friction caused by showing out of stock items and improves sales conversion rates by showing only the best options for each shopper.

The Impact of Intelligent Merchandising on Inventory Management

Intelligent merchandising also takes into account price elasticity, using real data insights to adjust prices based on demand and inventory levels. This ensures the right price is offered at the right time, increasing sales and reducing costs.

Taking advantage of AI in merchandising means ecommerce teams can focus on what matters: innovation and creativity. With a clear, streamlined workflow and the ability to automate complex tasks, teams can achieve more in less time.

AI-powered Smart Merchandising can also improve replenishment efficiency and accuracy by analyzing sales, returns and inventory levels to provide in-season product recommendations based on available stock units. This reduces the need for manual planning and forecasting, while reducing inventory levels by avoiding over-buying and eliminating costly markdowns.

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