Critical Mass Strain – A Relaxing Indica With Sedative Effects
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Critical Mass Strain – A Relaxing Indica With Sedative Effects

Weed Smart an average THC of 22%, critical mass strain is a heavy indica with relaxing effects that make it perfect for those looking to unwind after a long day. It washes away anxieties, worries, and tensions, leaving you feeling blissfully happy and content. This calming high will also ease any aches or pains, turning your couch into a little piece of heaven that you’ll never want to leave.

This feminized cultivar is ideal for new growers because it offers high yields, but requires some caution in humid climates as buds tend to be susceptible to mold and mildew. However, this cultivar is relatively easy to grow and will provide great results for both indoor and outdoor growers.

Critical Mass Strain: A Gentle Giant Among Cannabis Varieties

When smoked, critical mass strain has a citrusy and sweet aroma with notes of powdery bubble gum, berry, spicy wood, and subtle hints of skunky smell. Its flavor is lighter than its aroma but still leaves a sweet, citrusy taste on the palate.

Medical marijuana patients who enjoy this strain find that it helps to relieve stress, anxiety, depression, and even insomnia. It can also boost appetite and is used by people suffering from eating disorders and HIV/AIDS to help manage their condition. It is also effective in treating pain from muscle spasms, arthritis, and carpal tunnel syndrome. Its sedative qualities will also help with chronic headaches, nausea, and mild stress.

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