The Basics of Horse Menage Construction
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The Basics of Horse Menage Construction

When it comes to horse menage construction it is important to get the basics right so that your arena lasts and performs well for a long time. Many people think of a finished equestrian surface when they think of a horse arena but the base is the most important part of keeping your arena safe and functional for years to come.

The arena base should be a minimum of 150-200mm thick and made from good quality aggregate such as crushed rock or broken concrete. Ideally it should not contain organic material as this rots and blocks drainage.

Essential Steps for Horse Menage Construction: A Complete Guide

It is a good idea to install drains in the arena base before you put in your arena footing, as this will prevent areas of water pooling or flooding during heavy rains. Drains can also be used to remove water from the arena after use if required.

A non-woven geotextile should be used to stop dirt and sediment from getting into the arena base layer, as this will prevent a muddy arena during wet weather. The non-woven geotextile should be a minimum of 300, but should be fine enough to let water pass through easily.

Never use wood chips as an arena base, these are dangerous to the horses’ feet as they can splinter and can be very slippery. They also rot, contaminate the arena with white ants, get water logged and do not allow proper drainage. It is always best to use a crushed or screened aggregate for the arena base, but you could also try crushed rock, granite or even recycled rubber crumb.

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