In this action we are reaching out to Telenor to ask them to take a stand to help stop the Rohingya genocide and win them back their citizenship.


Over the past few years, Telenor has invested $1.5 billion in Myanmar and plans to invest more. It already has 17 million subscribers to its telephone network and 85,000 points of sale across Myanmar, with plans for further growth.
Telenor has a taken strong stance on ethical matters and sustainability. It has declared 2017 to be a year in which they will focus on the UN’s Sustainable Development Goal number 10, that of “Reduced Inequalities”.

Call to Action

Please tweet and post to Facebook messages to Telenor, asking them to take a public stand for the protection of the Rohingya and a return of their citizenship.
Guidelines: Please be polite. Thank Telenor for their strong ethical standing and encourage them to use their voice for the Rohingya. Let them know it is their responsibility and in their best interest to speak out against ethnic cleansing, crimes against humanity and acts of genocide taking place in Myanmar.

Accounts you may like to tweet to are:
To make it easier, we have created a Twitter list with the above Twitter accounts that you can follow. We encourage you to subscribe to the list and to interact with the list members, to respond to their tweets (politely) to remind them of their responsibility towards the Rohingya.
You may wish to use any of the following tags in your tweets:
Some media you can use in your tweets and messages: (download images and attach to tweets/FB posts)
Links to some reports and videos you may like to include in your tweets and messages:

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