How Much Does a MUGA Cost?
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How Much Does a MUGA Cost?

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A MUGA(Multi-Use Games Area) is an ideal solution for many sports and recreational activities. They are popular with schools and universities, especially as they provide cost and space saving benefits compared to having separate pitches for each sport.

The price of a MUGA depends on the complexity of the chosen design, ground works, fencing, and surfacing specifications. Labour costs are also an important factor to consider. A skilled workforce tends to cost more than those with little experience, so it is essential to consider this when planning a budget.

Navigating Financial Assistance Programs for MUGA Scans

It is also important to take into account the long-term maintenance expenses of a MUGA when determining its total cost. These costs are often overlooked, but can add up quickly and lead to expensive repairs or replacements. This is why it is essential to speak with a professional MUGA installer about these costs before construction begins.

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MUGA surfaces are also very low-maintenance and do not require the use of chemicals or weed killers as regular grass pitches do. This is a major benefit for those looking to minimize their environmental impact and reduce the amount of time they spend maintaining their pitch.

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