Electrical Services Provided By Electricians In Frankston
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Electrical Services Provided By Electricians In Frankston

Electrician Frankston specializes in a wide range of electrical services. From 24/7 emergency calls to whole home rewiring projects, these licensed electricians can provide the expertise you need. They’re experienced in installing lighting, power points and more for both domestic and commercial properties. You can even trust them to install smart home systems that let you control your heating and cooling, security system, blinds and curtains from a single device or app.

If you’re building a new house or renovating, one of the most common jobs for electricians is to install power points and light switches. This can include recessed lighting, LED and other types of ceiling lighting, as well as outdoor lighting around a deck or pool area. They’ll also wire your new home for ducted air conditioning, connecting the compressor to service wiring and running lines from the switchboard to the unit.

Lighting the Way: Finding an Electrician in Frankston

For older homes, a rewiring is often required to upgrade your electrical system and ensure safety and compliance with current standards. This involves replacing old cabling, upgrading circuit breakers and fuses, and adding additional outlets where needed. This job requires the services of licensed electricians who are familiar with Australian safety codes.

Another important task for electricians is repairing electrical problems, including tripped circuit breakers, faulty appliances, and flickering lights, or sparking from powerpoints. They’ll also test your home for faulty wiring or unsafe conditions that may lead to fires. Safety switches, known as RCDs, are installed in the switchboard and reduce the risk of shock by shutting off the electricity flow if there’s a problem.

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