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Telenor’s Failing Strategy of Silence

#telenor @Sigve_telenor Embrace the values and concerns of consumers and they will embrace you. Ignore them and they will leave you — Shahid King Bolsen (@ShahidKBolsen) April 28, 2017 The #WeAreAllRohingyaNow Campaign has been reaching out to Norwegian telecom company Telenor for several weeks now, encouraging them to stand with companies like Unilever against […]



In this action we are reaching out to Telenor to ask them to take a stand to help stop the Rohingya genocide and win them back their citizenship. Background Over the past few years, Telenor has invested $1.5 billion in Myanmar and plans to invest more. It already has 17 million subscribers to its telephone […]

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Tweet storm hits Telenor, calls for Rohingya stand

Press Release. 20th April 2017 Norwegian Telecom company Telenor has experienced a surge in the popularity of its Twitter hashtag in recent days, but not because of any new company initiative or PR strategy. #WeAreAllRohinygaNow, a campaign by independent activists working to end the oppression of “the world’s most persecuted minority”, has been reaching out […]

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The Usefulness of Conflict

Recently I had a conversation with a renowned expert in humanitarian relief and conflict resolution regarding ethnic cleansing in Myanmar against the Rohingya Muslims, and I expressed my concerns that the US might potentially back the fledgling militant group “The Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army” (ARSA). She disagreed, saying that the US had been very supportive […]

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Rohingya campaign condemns violence

Press Release. 2nd April 2017 What the Rohingya have suffered, and continue to suffer on a daily basis, is reprehensible and criminal. Both the United Nations and independent human rights investigators have documented severe and systematic atrocities that amount to an organized campaign of genocide by the government. The oppression and abuses the Rohingya face have […]

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Unilever responds to rights campaign, commits to Rohingya protection

Press Release. 27th February 2017 Last week, rights activists concerned with the plight of the Rohingya Muslim minority in Myanmar launched a new strategy in an effort to end the repression characterized by the United Nations recently as tantamount to “ethnic cleansing”. They sought the help of business, and business responded. Long time activist Jamila […]

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New Rohingya rights campaign means business; reaches out to Unilever

Press Release. 20th February 2017 The Rohingya Muslim minority in Myanmar have been subjected to gross human rights abuses that the United Nations say may constitute ethnic cleansing and crimes against humanity.  A recent UN report detailing incidents of systematic gang-rapes by the Myanmar army, and the brutal killing of civilians, including women, children, and […]