#WeAreAllRohingyaNow formed out of a grassroots movement, without any funding, entirely dependent on the hard work of volunteers to manage this campaign. We are now hundreds of people registered for action from many countries around the world, led by a focus group of activists.  We hope you will join us.



Steering Group

Jamila Hanan
Campaign Director

Jamila has been involved in online human rights campaigning on different issues for several years, previously having campaigned for human rights in Bahrain, Gaza and Yemen. She first got involved with the Rohingya cause during the attacks that began in June 2012, following a plea from a friend who asked her to investigate. When the ‘Clearance Operation’ began against the Rohingya in October 2016, she kept a daily log of all reports of atrocities and also mapped the incidents as they happened, which became a key source of information for human rights organisations and journalists covering the events. She also coordinates the #HANDS4ROHINGYA aid project for Rohingya refugees now living in Bangladesh.

Shahid King Bolsen
Chief Strategist

Shahid is well known as a ‘thinker’ that comes up with workable solutions to the increasing problems we are facing in today’s world. He has been a strong voice within the Muslim community against extremism. His work over the past few years he has been focused on encouraging people to direct their anger and frustrations away from meaningless violence and into meaningful actions instead, to help bring about a more fair society for all. One area of focus which Shahid draws attention to, that has frequently been overlooked by those advocating for social justice, is the subject of economics. He is advising our campaign to reach out to multinational corporations to  call on them to use their influence for a positive outcome, advising on all matters of strategy,  assisting with teambuilding and with both internal and external communications. Apart from the campaign, Shahid works professionally as a legal advisor to the  law organisation Detained in Dubai.

Michelle Eades
Community Manager

Michelle is a peace specialist, with an advanced education in Sociology and Conflict Analysis and Management. She is passionate and determined to help make this world a better place for everyone to live in through her work in dialogue, facilitation, and community engagement. On the campaign she oversees the management of our social pages and the building of our online community, and is also providing valuable guidance with upcoming reconciliation initiatives.

Plus several others.

We welcome all inquiries, feedback, suggestions and offers of help or collaboration. Please get in touch to discuss, via Twitter here: @AllRohingyaNow or via email: contact@allrohingyanow.org