The Importance of Understanding the Basic Rights
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The Importance of Understanding the Basic Rights

basic rights

A fundamental right is one that cannot be taken away or altered by any law, order or authority. It is intrinsic to an individual or group’s identity and can only be restricted by a constitutional amendment, which requires the support of the majority of both houses of parliament, or by the supreme court of the country.

There are many different basic rights, but some of the most important include: dignity, equality, freedom of religion and belief, liberty, the right to privacy, property, family and association, and a safe environment. These are fundamental to a person’s ability to live life with self-respect, and to participate fully in society. Having these as part of our basic human rights helps us to recognize the many injustices that occur around the world, and to take action against them.

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) was a groundbreaking document in 1948 that was written by representatives with different legal and cultural backgrounds from across the globe. This process was important because it allowed the creation of a document that would be relevant and meaningful for all people. The UDHR is the basis for many national constitutions, and it has been translated into more than 500 languages, making it the most widely read document in history.

One of the main reasons that the UDHR was so successful was because it recognized that the most important fundamental human rights are universal, and therefore everyone must have them. It also emphasized that these rights are inalienable and indivisible, meaning that they can never be taken away or divided. This concept of universality has become the basis for the majority of international human rights law and it has helped to bring the global community together in a common cause to fight for the protection and respect of all fundamental human rights.

Although the UDHR is widely accepted by most governments, it’s important to remember that not all countries give equal weight to the various types of human rights. For example, Western cultures have often given priority to civil and political rights, which can sometimes be at the expense of economic and social rights, such as access to healthcare free at the point of use or affordable housing. Ultimately, all human rights are interrelated and none can be enjoyed without the others.

Human rights are also important because they protect the most vulnerable members of society from abuse by power holders, such as women and children. These groups are particularly at risk for discrimination and oppression, but recognizing their importance as fundamental human rights allows activists to push for policies that will protect them. This is why it is crucial to include rights such as health care, fair working conditions and education as human rights, so that the needs of these individuals are a high priority for policy makers. In a time when the environment is under threat, it is also helpful to include a right to the natural world in human rights, as this will act as a powerful legal pathway for protecting our planet and its species.

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