Surveyors Near Me in Phoenix
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Surveyors Near Me in Phoenix

surveyors near me in Phoenix

Getting a property line survey is a good idea for land owners. It is a requirement in many real estate sales and purchases, it can be helpful when working on landscaping and building projects and in legal disputes and lawsuits. It is also well worth the cost for homeowners who are interested in knowing where their property lines are located.

A typical boundary surveyors near me in Phoenix costs between $400 and $1000. The price tag usually reflects the time and labor required to determine the size, perimeter and acreage of a single platted residential lot. This estimate does not account for the time required to locate water boundaries, difficult topographical conditions and jobs that require extensive research.

Your Guide to Finding Reliable Surveyors Near Me in Phoenix

The range of prices varies depending on the needs of each client and the complexity of the work involved. A local company that specializes in residential surveys, platting and construction layout can typically offer lower rates than larger national firms. A local firm can also offer more personal service and the advantage of being available to answer any questions or concerns that may arise throughout a project.

Getting a professional to do the work can help save both time and money. A few simple questions can quickly match you with top-rated pros in your area. Then you can compare quotes and choose the right pro for the job. Most professionals will require a down payment upfront and will send an invoice when the work is complete.

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