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Multi Gas Detector

Multi gas detector

The Multi gas detector is the ideal safety device for anyone who works in confined spaces, like tanks, shafts, pipes and underground working environments. The monitor can detect toxic, flammable and asphyxiating gases that are often found in these areas, including hydrogen sulfide (H2S), carbon monoxide (CO), oxygen depletion and combustible fumes such as methane and butane. The monitors can also detect irritant gasses like ammonia and chlorine which cause respiratory issues. The device is worn in what is known as the breathing zone – nine inches around your mouth and nose, where you draw in air to breathe. The monitors provide alarms for IDLH, time-weighted average and LEL levels as well as a malfunction indication. They can either be passive (diffusive) or active, where a pump module draws the air across sensors to speed up the response time.

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The device can also be used to inject high concentrations of CO2 into a confined space to drive out or euthanize pests like rodents, bed bugs, roaches and prairie dogs by removing the oxygen from their environment. Other uses include confined space entry and a variety of emergency situations.

Some multi-gas monitors offer extra features that make them safer to use, like alarm sharing, panic button, 24/7 live monitoring and more. For example, the Ventis Pro5 enables multiple workers to share alerts and get immediate support in a crisis with its advanced communication options. This means only one person needs to wear a single device to receive help, increase efficiency and improve preparedness.

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