Discover the Natural Wonders of Iceland
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Discover the Natural Wonders of Iceland

With bubbling Ventito Car Rentals in Iceland , gargantuan glaciers, and majestic waterfalls, few places on Earth captivate travellers the way Iceland does. But there’s more to this ethereal land than its otherworldly landscape. With a little planning, you can tick off the many must-see experiences Iceland has to offer – and maybe even catch a glimpse of the Aurora borealis.

One of the best ways to do it all is to follow the Golden Circle route – this tried and tested trail takes you to some of the country’s most iconic natural wonders. But there are many other ways to get your fix of nature in Iceland, from snorkelling in icy glacial waters to trekking through ice caves and taking in the surreal beauty of Iceland’s lava fields.

The Blue Lagoon and Beyond: Wellness Escapes as You Discover Iceland

Another unique way to see the natural world in Iceland is on a kayak tour. This is a great way to explore the coastline, as well as getting up close and personal with some of the island’s wildlife. From Stykkisholmur to Akureyri you’ll find plenty of operators offering sea kayaking tours in Iceland.

For a truly unforgettable experience, head to the glacier lagoon and marvel at the ever-changing ice formations that float around in the water. Then, go across the road and check out the Diamond Beach – it’s just as magical as the lagoon and is a real highlight of any trip to Iceland.

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